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This endpoint is used to check availability of funds for a specific account.


curl -i  \ 
 -H "Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiJ9.eyJkYXRhIjp7ImFtb3VudCI6MTAwLCJjdXJyZW5jeV9jb2RlIjoiR0JQIiwiYWNjb3VudCI6Ijg0NTcyNDg2In0sImV4cCI6MTYxNDU2ODUzMX0.tyL3LPoqU69F3ze_7B84vvkiZjvuqlYyOtoLrUbtHmoUP5TTAfj_svJyRjFxgNtpSfnUkoiaYcrGwjJI9Jk_FhnKSly7fAURqkwcdXjOltEprZSvyRunaUD-RzkyOQc5OVtZx4Wk-WzaJx8btbiSGj4y89qxZZ33E-jKgGwjp3IPAomecRIiPZy_0EaYnNCxt6DTot88zGzgc1BfmxSkME5MEANtlql-01PuweTN_iPEYkKign0Y4cdfO9ih0HWg9qKU6L-Le7LrPA7d1uueRoQlF2IbOBrqhCgb1O1cHLOhf-EGrDsHgBJ7Ulx9EBXa7UvaTUeRs6Plrs4QcuJWTw" \ 
 -H "App-Id: lL8mM9_EdRNqIkMDkRJNlg" \ 
 -H "App-Secret: FACYQz_tXS12Zq4shniuuA" \ 
 -H "Access-Token: a042816d06ffbb20160005d5ea1ae3d89d565158025a28b7476312fbf6754d5b69b0a699729169a28068218134878990e263f0a2cb0908c68a9abd627ba56c64" \ 
 -H "Client-Request-Id: 13" \ 
 -X POST "/api/v2/payments/check_funds"

Example of unpacked Authorization header


Example of response


POST /api/v2/payments/check_funds

Header Type Description
Authorization string, required JSON Web Token containing payload, signed using RSA256 and application.private_key. Can raise: AuthorizationMissing
App-Id string, required Application’s app_id from connection details tab. Can raise: OauthAppNotFound, CertificateNotFound
App-Secret string, required Application’s app_secret from connection details tab.
Access-Token string, required Token for which we are requesting info. Can raise: TokenMissing, TokenNotFound, TokenRevoked, TokenExpired
Client-Request-Id string, optional Request identifier. If present, it will be returned within meta field in response.
Unpacked Authorization
integer, required
The lifetime of the request in timestamp UTC format. Values greater than: Current time.

Upon successful request, 200 status code will be returned. See ‘Related Errors’ table for other posibilities.

Related Errors
Class Code Description
AuthorizationMissing 400 Authorization header is missing.
TokenMissing 400 This request cannot be performed without Access_Token header.
TokenNotFound 401 Token specified in request does not exist or cannot be retrieved.
TokenRevoked 401 Token specified in request is revoked and cannot be used anymore.
TokenExpired 401 Token specified in request is expired and cannot be used.
UnknownCurrency 404 Unknown Currency code
OauthAppNotFound 404 OAuth Application specified in request does not exist or cannot be retrieved.
CertificateNotFound 404 Certificate has no permissions.